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20-Oct-2016 IPAG: building on trust and dialogue
Indigenous Peoples - and our knowledge, lands, cultures and traditions - are continually at risk both directly, due ...
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20-Oct-2016 Italy: A turning point
Italy has confirmed its support of the GEF in a strong signal of confidence in its capacity to generate ...
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19-Oct-2016 Japan: the crucial issue of the global commons
Since 1991, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been a definite front-runner in tackling global ...
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19-Oct-2016 Mexico: A crucial mechanism
The GEF is a cornerstone of environmental strategies around the world. In a context of critical environmental ...
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19-Oct-2016 Republic of Korea: The GEF's role will grow
The Republic of Korea has continuously supported the GEF as a donor. Our accumulated financial contribution has ...
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19-Oct-2016 WWF: the GEF's unique role
WWF has developed a strong portfolio across nearly all GEF focal areas including climate change, biodiversity, ...
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19-Oct-2016 GEF and India: Enabling Transformation
GEF projects introduced the concept of energy efficiency in small South Indian tea processing units, steel re-rolling ...
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19-Oct-2016 The United States on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the GEF
Since its inception in 1991, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has been a critical piece of the United ...
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14-Oct-2016 New movement for the global commons
Among the 150 top-level participants at the International Dialogue on Our Global Commons hosted by the ...
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09-Oct-2016 Turkey and the GEF: from national challenges to global solutions
Turkey both actively works to eliminate the negative impacts of today’s industrialized world on the environment and ...
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05-Oct-2016 Costa Rica: Everything connects
It is also an excellent moment for a critical overview that aims to identify the challenges and opportunities that ...
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05-Oct-2016 Belgium and the GEF
On this happy occasion of the Global Environment Facility’s 25th anniversary Belgium is more than pleased to extend ...
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05-Oct-2016 Fiji and the GEF
Fiji’s ecosystem services are provided by the country's diverse natural resources, ranging from terrestrial to ...
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04-Oct-2016 DBSA: the partnership couldn’t have come at a better moment
The Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) made a deliberate declaration, through its mission statement, to ...
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03-Oct-2016 The GEF and Ukraine: 25 year-olds jointly overcoming environmental challenges
The Ukraine, as an independent country, is the same beautiful age of 25 years as the GEF. It split away from the ...
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27-Sep-2016 Bhutan: GEF is making a difference
Since Bhutan became a member in 1995, the GEF has been a close and important partner in addressing these issues. ...
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26-Sep-2016 Chile and the GEF: sustainable development with equity and environmental justice
GEF has made a most considerable contribution to protecting the global environment through significant activities ...
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21-Sep-2016 GEF and ADB: Working together increases impact and innovation
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been eager to work with the GEF since its pilot phase. Initially, its ...
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21-Sep-2016 Argentina and the GEF
Since becoming a member of the GEF, Argentina has developed a portfolio of 61 national and regional projects ...
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20-Sep-2016 On Climate Week NYC, early ratification, and GEF’s support to Paris Agreement
Adopted by 195 parties last December at the 21st Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris, the agreement calls on ...
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